Saturday, August 7, 2010

American Family

This section, while not horribly written, disturbs me.

The person who typed in Global Watch matches two of the characters, Max and Rachel, in a romance.  It's a subplot of the story how they realize their true feelings for each other.  That's all well and sickly sweet and ho-hum predictable, but this section has the domestic abuse hotline counselor in me screaming out.

Man, oh, man.  These two lovebirds spend "hours" pretending to beat each other up.  Then, when the woman  in the relationship attempts intimacy, the man just wants to beat her up even more.

That's fucked up.

I hope in Book 2 of the exciting series Global Watch these two don't have children.  Those children will be witness to Mommy beating up Daddy, Daddy silently seething over Mommy's physical superiority, and a constant struggle for dominance in the relationship.  I hope working for Global Watch is well-paying, because those kids are going to need some serious therapy.

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