Sunday, August 15, 2010

Old School Blogging

I've noticed I haven't done a whole of old school copy editing on the Re-Edited One Year Anniversary Edition of Global Watch. I admit I've been too busy pointing out evidence of psychosis.  Well, to get back to the mission of GlobalWatchWatch, I present the following two paragraphs.

As I've written before, this is what the person who typed in Global Watch considers to be "professionally edited."
When describing an airplane as "craft," a good writer knows that more than one plane is still (wait for it...) "craft."  Macrame is a "craft."  Leatherworking is a "craft."  Macrame and leatherworking are "crafts."  Two "retrofitted 777s" are "craft."  Person who typed in Global Watch, you now owe me a new quotation mark key for my computer.  The one I have is all used up.

Also, leadership does not take "reigns."  The metaphor usually applied here (although a little shopworn) is that leadership is like a horse or a team of animals, which have to be guided with "reins."  The person who typed in Global Watch probably picked up the phrase "take the reins of leadership" from somewhere else, and like everything else he types in, didn't think about it too much and just slopped it right into this wretched jumble called Global Watch.

I'll say it again:  If this were a draft, these errors would be forgivable.  But this is the "Re-Edited One Year Anniversary Edition."  And the person who typed it in thinks you should pay money for it.

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